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Putting the Arkansas Division on the same page!

Arkansas SCV - Putting the Arkansas Division on the same page!


Arkansas In The Civil WarLITTLE ROCK, Ark. (April 4, 2015); The annual Confederate Heritage Day ceremony will be held at 11 am Saturday, April 4, on the state capitol grounds. This is another part of the Sons of Confederate Veterans observing the Sesquicentennial of the War Between the States.
The event is a celebration of three separate events: Arkansas Confederate History and Heritage Month, Confederate Memorial Day and Confederate Flag Day. The program is part of the Arkansas Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission Events for 2015. During 1865, Arkansas was witness to a skirmish at Dardanelle, Marion, Clarksville, the passage of the 13th amendment by Arkansas Legislators, surrender of Gen. M. Jeff Thompson at Chalk Bluff, and the surrender of all Confederate troops at Jacksonport on June 5, 1865. Arkansas was the fourth most active state in the numbers of Battles/Skirmishes during the War Between the States.
This is the ninetieth year that all three events have been combined into one.
The public is invited to attend and bring examples of the variety of flags used by Arkansas units and of the Confederate government and its army during the War. There will be different patterns of flags on display.
SCV members, Reenactors and Living Historians in period clothing will lay flowers and fire a gun salute at the conclusion of the ceremony (the honor guard is asked to be at Capitol by 10:30am for safety checks on their rifles). Men from SCV camps and reenactors from all over Arkansas are scheduled to attend.
Among those organizations taking part in the event are the Arkansas Reenactors, Children of the Confederacy, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Sons of Confederate Veterans and Military Order of Stars and Bars. In the event of rain the Confederate Memorial will be moved inside the capitol building for an abbreviated ceremony.

This event is sanctioned by the Arkansas Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission.

Honoring the Dead

Beginning at 11 a.m., the names of Arkansas soldiers who died during the war years of 1861-1865 will be read at the Confederate monument located at the northeast corner of the capitol grounds. A bell will be rung following each name.
An estimated 60,000 Arkansawers enlisted in Confederate units and that at least 6,800 are known to have been killed or died of disease during the War. Some of the approximately 3,000 names of those dead will be read during the ceremony. Robert Edwards of the David O. Dodd Camp at Benton is in charge of placing the flags at the Confederate Monument before the readings of the names honored soldiers. Honnoll, said “ We started reading the names of the Confederates buried in Arkansas from our book of honor in 2005 we have read 91 pages of names out of the 97 total in our Arkansas Division Final Roll Call book”. “The Arkansas Division SCV plans on completing the readings at this year’s Confederate Heritage Day.”


After the reading of the names of the honored dead the Confederate Heritage Day program will begin at 11:30am.

W. Danny Honnoll of Jonesboro, Past Commander of the Army of Trans Mississippi, Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), will be the event emcee. The SCV is an organization of descendants of men who served in the Confederate armed forces. M. Ray Jones of Jonesboro will be the keynote speaker. Jones is past commander of the Arkansas Division SCV and past Quarter Master in Chief of the national SCV.
The Ark Div Honor Guard will fire a three volley salute to the men that serviced the Confederate Army. Mrs. Dale (Bobbie F.) Barnett of Ravenden, will represent the Honnoll Chapter of UDC of Jonesboro. Barnett will be dressed in a mourning dress and represent the widows of the fallen men of Arkansas. She will lay fresh flowers at the Confederate Monument during the program. Greetings of the various organizations will include: President of the Ark Div UDC Kay Tatum, Little Rock Churchill Chapter UDC, Robert Edwards of Benton, the Arkansas Division Commander on behalf of the SCV, M. Ray Jones on behalf of the Arkansas Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission, and Mike Loum of Little Rock on behalf of Military Order of Stars and Bars, A. C. Trip Wilson 27th Ark Inf. Camp of Mountain Home will do the honors as color sergeant. In the event of rain the ceremony will be held on the second for inside the Capitol building.

Confederate Memorial Day

Confederate Memorial Day is a day celebrated in Southern states to remember Confederate dead. It is generally held on the last Sunday in April.
Immediately after the war ended in 1865, Southern women began the tradition of scattering spring flowers on the graves of soldiers, both Confederate and Union, buried in their hometowns.
In 1868, the United States officially picked up the same tradition for the dead of all wars and it became the national Memorial Day, now held on the last Monday in May.

Confederate Flag Day

Confederate Flag Day was designated by Arkansas State Statute 69-110 and establishes the day as the Saturday immediately preceding Easter Sunday.
Flag Day commemorates the wide variety of flags used by the Confederate States government and the military units.


W. Danny Honnoll, Past ATM Cmdr. SCV
Chief of State of the Arkansas Division
Past Arkansas Division Commander 2002-06,
Sons of Confederate Veterans
(870) 926-2985 c

JROTC- Hunley Awards

Gentlemen: In a couple of days we will be into April 2015. Most JROTC Units will have their Award Ceremonies in either April or May. In the last two years Arkansas Division has given out eight award with over twenty camps and over 40 JROTC schools. That is sad. The really sad part is, last year half of those eight awards were sponsored by one camp – the David O. Dodd SCV Camp #619 of Benton. So far we have seven JROTC Units that have requested our award or we have solicited and received favorable responses from them. Listed below are those seven schools we do not have to contact, and six JROTC units that have received the award in the past but have I have not heard from this year. For those six schools I am providing you the name of the camp that has previously sponsored the award, and the contact information for the JROTC Unit. According to the Locator Service on the National SCV website most of these units are withing 20 miles of the camp, and none are more than 50 miles. The most we have ever presented was eleven awards three years ago. If we at least get these six we will have 13 awards.

Receiving the Award:
Alma – Sponsor – Jonesboro #1655
Arkadelphia – Sponsor – Benton #619
Beebe – Sponsor – Searcy #397
Benton – Sponsor – Benton #619
Conway – Sponsor – Conway #615
Mountain Home – Sponsor – Mountain Home #1519
Sheridan – Sponsor – Harrison #1414

Have received in past, not heard from yet this year:
Hope – Previously sponsored by Benton #619, Camps #1577, #1623 and #1664 all closer than Benton – Contact at school: Major George Wilson – 870.777.3451
Little Rock Catholic – Previously sponsored by #197 – Camp #197 within 20 miles of school – Contact at school: Colonel Farrell – 501.664.3939
Malvern – Previously sponsored by #619 – Camp #648 is closer than Benton – Contact at school: LTC Mike Shepherd – 501.332.6905
Northside, Ft. Smith – No one previously sponsored this award and unit paid for award and probable quit asking for that reason – Camp #561 withing 20 miles of school – Contact at school: LTC Earl Massey – 479.784.8136
Paragould – Previously sponsored by #1655 – Contact at school: Sergeant First Class Christopher Barkley – 870.573.0651
Van Buren – Previously sponsored by #561 – Camp 561 is within 20 miles of the school – Contact at school: Major Mike Atkins – 479.474.6821 Ext: 215

I am also attaching the mailing list again of all the schools in Arkansas. Brigade Commanders I ask that you forward these on to your camp commanders and see if we can foster some interest from schools that have never taken our award.
Also Brigade Commanders there are a couple of commanders that do not have e-mail addresses that I sent this message to both have e-mail addresses which seldom get looked at. Please ensure they receive this information. Thanks.

Ark JROTC Unit Labels

Ark JROTC Units by County

Trip Wilson
MCPO, U.S. Navy (retired)
Navy JROTC Instructor (retired)
SCV JROTC Award Chairman
843.618.5217 cell

Heritage Update (HB1229)

Heritage Update
I know alot of you have been wondering about H1229 (The Veterans Military Heritage Protection Act)
As you know it passed the committee and the full house with very little objection. It got to the senate committee of State Agencies and Governmental Affairs, the vote was tied which means it failed.
It kinda makes you wonder what they think about the veterans of Arkansas, past and present.
I would like for you to remember Joe Farrer because he is the representative who fought for us from the beginning. Please send him a thank you for HB1229
Here are the Votes on HB1229
Sen. Bryan King Aye
Sen. Jon Woods Aye
Sen. Linda Chesterfield Nay
Sen. Joyce Elliot Nay
Sen. Cecile Bledsoe Aye
Sen. David Johnson Nay
Sen.David Burnett, Vice Chair Nay
Sen.Eddie Joe Williams, Chair Aye
Here is a copy of HB1229 and please feel free to comment
State of Arkansas As Engrossed: H3/5/15
90th General Assembly A Bill
Regular Session, 2015 HOUSE BILL 1229
By: Representative Farrer
For An Act To Be Entitled
SECTION 1. Arkansas Code Title 22, Chapter 3, is amended to add an additional subchapter to read as follows:
22-3-2101. Title.
This subchapter shall be known and may be cited as the “Arkansas Military Heritage Protection Act”.
22-3-2102. Definitions.
As used in this subchapter:
(1) “Monument” means a statue, a memorial, gravestone plate, nameplate, plaque, historic flag display, school, street, bridge, building, park, preserve, or reserve that:
(A) Has been erected for, or named or dedicated in honor of, a historical military figure, historical military event, military organization, or military unit; and
(B) Is located on public property;
(2) “Person” means an individual or entity; and
(3) “Public property” means all property owned or leased by the state, a county, a municipality, or any other entity that is created by act of the General Assembly to perform a public function.
22-3-2103. Preservation of monuments.
(a) A monument commemorating any of the following shall not be relocated, removed, altered, renamed, rededicated, or otherwise disturbed: (1) French and Indian War;
(2) American Revolution;
(3) War of 1812;
(4) Mexican-American War;
(5) Civil War;
(6) Spanish American War;
(7) Border War;
(8) World War I;
(9) World War II;
(10) Korean conflict;
(11) Vietnam War;
(12) Operation Urgent Fury;
(13) Operation El Dorado Canyon;
(14) Operation Just Cause;
(15) Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm;
(16) Operation Enduring Freedom; and
(17) Operation Iraqi Freedom.
(b) A person shall not prevent a governmental entity having responsibility for maintaining a monument from taking proper and appropriate measures, and exercising proper and appropriate means, for the protection, preservation, care, repair, or restoration of the monument.
(c) This section does not preclude a museum from moving or relocating an interior monument or an artifact to provide increased visibility, or to repair or restore the monument if the original intent and structure of the monument or artifact is maintained.
22-3-2104. Applicability.
(a) This subchapter does not apply to:
(1) A monument that is located on public property under the control of, or acquired by, the State Highway Commission that may interfere with the construction, maintenance, or operation of the public transportation system; or
(2) A state, county, or municipality that is temporarily relocating a monument for the purpose of conducting necessary repair, construction, improvement, renovation, or maintenance of a utility, public park, public facility, or public transportation system as long as the monument is returned to the same position that maintains the original intent of the display and the structural integrity of the monument.
(b) The commission shall take reasonable measures to ensure that a monument is preserved to the greatest extent possible.
22-3-2105. Penalty.
Upon conviction, a person that knowingly violates this subchapter is guilty of a Class D Felony.

Heritage Victory in Arkansas

Special Update March 25, 2015
Arkansas Division SCV
Heritage Operations Chairman
Here is the news from the front. HB1119 which was to remove Robert E. Lee’s birthday as a state holiday was overwhelming defeated in the house committee of State Agencies and Governmental Affairs.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support. We can all rest easy knowing that the state of Arkansas will still observe General Robert E. Lee as a state holiday.
This has been one of the hardest battles that we’ve had to fight so far. While we are all patting each other on the back be far-warned according to Rep. Bell and Rep. Love they will bring this back next session again and again until it passes.
We need to use this as a lesson and that we need to get our numbers up. There are places in the SCV, UDC, OCR and children of the confederacy for the whole family.
Good job everyone
God Bless You, God Bless The South and God Bless The State Of Arkansas
Tom Bird

Urgent Message From Division Commander Edwards

Men of the Arkansas Division:

Please send an email to Rep. Fred Love and
Committee chairman Rep. Nate Bell
(just those two representatives) with the subject line Pull Down HB 1119 that’s all – put your name on it if you wish. Send it morning, noon and night.

If 100 of us send this 10 times tomorrow, that will be 1,000 emails. They are supposed to meet again at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday. Flood them with this simple email before then. They won’t read a paragraph, but they have to read the title, before they know which email to delete. Pass this on to you other members, friends and family. Deo Vindice!

Robert A. Edwards, Commander
Arkansas Division
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Heritage Warning

Heritage Warning
Two years ago I was ask to do a Heritage Update at a division meeting. With a great deal of relief I told the attendees that Arkansas has not had a major heritage violation, but in the same breathe I said it was going to happen.
As all of you know, I have sent out Heritage Alerts and Updates regarding the 3 bills that went before the legislators this year.
I cannot stress enough how important it has been to keep you informed and having your assistance.
This is the 1st warning that I’ve had to post.
As you know representative Nate Bell’s HB1113 was defeated and this is due to the action of the men and women of the state of Arkansas that holds our heritage so dear at heart.With your out pouring of calls and emails this was accomplished.
Immediately after the defeat of HB1113 they hit us with a second blow, same bill just a different number.We were told that this bill/HB1119 is on life support but it’s not dead yet.
It can be defeated the same as HB1113 but you have to attack this bill in the same manner. We have to make the phone calls and sending of emails to the House of Representatives committee on State Agencies and Governmental Affairs.
This has been a learning experience for alot of us on Governmental Affairs. Sitting in that meeting room listening to all of the support that Rep. Love has for his bill you can see what their final goal is. (Heritage cleansing and political correctness) This means that if we sit back and let them have their way you will see monuments, statues and anything honoring the Confederacy removed or destroyed or both. Yes, even the ones on the court squares.
These people are the ones who make the laws whether you like them or not. When they are done, they will go after veterans of another war.
Why am I saying this? How about the petition to remove the carving off Stone Mountain? What they have done in Memphis with there parks? How about the removal of the Confederate Flags from General Robert E. Lee’s grave in Lexington? The sale of Confederate Flags in California? This is just a very few things that are going on right now. If we let them remove General Robert E. Lee’s birthday, then Alabama and Mississippi will be hit next until it’s all gone.
It is hard for us to believe that even after the men and and women of this country have fought and died under the US flag, some universities have chose to remove the flag to keep from offending anyone. All of this will continue to happen until you as citizens tell your politicians to STOP and yes they have to be told to stop.
HB1119 is scheduled to be heard again tomorrow, Monday, March 23, 2015 immediately after their session and I will be there again.
We have a chance to save alot of our heritage but this is with HB1229 / Military Heritage Protection Act being passed. With a little work we got this passed in the house of State Agencies and Governmental Affairs. It went before the Full House and passed 100%. It then went to the Senate Committee of State Agencies and Governmental Affairs where it was stopped dead. They wanted to gut this law and render it useless but we can get this to pass with no amendments only if everyone calls this 8 Senate member committee. In order for it to pass you have to get every voter you know educated on this bill and have them call, text and email. We only have until Tuesday to do this.
While talking with our Representative on this bill I ask him if we could pass it the way it is and his exact words were “We can, we need 5 yes votes. The only yeses I’m positive about is Bledsoe and King. Williams I’m not sure he’ll vote against the agencies. Chesterfield, Johnson and Elliot will not go against the agencies. They have a problem with the Confederate memorials anyway. Woods is like Eddie Jo he will have a hard time going against the agencies. I don’t know Burnette at all. It will fail is we don’t amend for Sec of States office.Their attorney made me very angry we were arguing before the meeting and was asked to leave the room. She waited to the day I was going to run the bill to say anything. Session ends in a week and a half. This will be our last chance I have to run it Tuesday.”
A hand full of us cannot do this. We need everyone’s help. The fate of the Confederate Soldiers Heritage is in your hands.
Heritage Operations Chairman
Tom Bird

Heritage Alert

Heritage Operations Alert
We need to do it again. This is the only hope that we have of saving our military protection Act/HB1229. We need to call and we need to text we need to email we need to let them know that we are not going to go away. For those of you that have been following my post and acting on my requests I’m sending you a BIG THANK YOU. It is my understanding from the representatives that you either did or came real close to filling all the space that they had for messages. This is great and now we have concentrate on the senate/ State Agencies & Governmental Affairs. Below you will see a list of these senators please do your thing. Everyone needs to hammer them until they pass this bill. In one of my phone calls with my representative that is running this bill for us stated that “I have never had so much opposition and trouble running a bill as I have with this one”. The problem is that they want to control our heritage so that is does not interfere with their political correctness. A hand full of us can not handle all this alone. It is going to take 100% effort to win this. If you are wondering what to say then here is a guide. On the subject line type in PLEASE PASS HB1229 UNAMENDED your comment can be “As a voter in the state of Arkansas I’m asking you to please support our veterans heritage protection act and to please pass HB1229″ and then attach your name to it.
Please remember these politicians are suppose to be working for you and the only way that they know your wishes is if you tell them. As our representative said we are running out of time quickly.
Here is the list of the committee members – just copy in the (to) field :’'; ‘'; ‘'; ‘'; ‘'; ‘'; ‘'; ‘’

Heritage Update

Heritage Operations Update March 20, 2015 at 1:30 p.m.
Big guns rolled out today.
We had the honor of having Mrs Doris Deaton, the daughter-in-law of Private Elias Deaton, Company H, 37th Arkansas Infantry, Confederate States Army. The 83 year old lady came in from Pearcy, Arkansas, to support our efforts in keeping the General Robert E. Lee state holiday. We had 15 supporters that attended at the capital today. As the testimonies began the representatives of this committee started leaving one by one. Soon they didn’t have a quorum and had to adjourn. It is my belief that they want this to go away. We have been at the capital so many times that security was joking about getting us a badge and our own parking space. Let’s all pray that we have all accomplished our goal in preserving our heritage.
HB1229 is still hung up in the senate so if you all would please call the senators and tell them that you support HB1229 / The Heritage Protection Act.


A note from Division Commander Edwards

There was no vote taken today on removing Robert E. Lee’s birthday from the list of state holidays. There were 15 members of the committee present and possibly not enough of those present were against the bill.

As Rep. Love presented his bill one of the members left the room. After Tom Bird’s testimony against the bill another member left the room. After testimony for the bill another member left. Once Vickie Bailey finished her testimony another member departed. Larry Paige spoke in favor of the bill and two members left the room. As Robert Edwards was taking his seat, another member left. As Robert started into his testimony Rep. Michelle Gray questioned the chairman Nate Bell about a quorum. Bell counted the members present and determine there were eight present, and they did not have a quorum.

Without a quorum they could not conduct business and Rep. Bell adjourned the meeting. Later, I was told by one member “And that’s how you kill a bill.”

I applaud the members of the State Agencies and Governmental Affairs committee who quietly left the committee room. Without commotion, they firmly stated they were tired of repeatedly discussing the same issue. WoW. THANK YOU.

Folks your dedication to duty and preserving the Heritage of the South has paid off today. Enjoy your weekend! I do not know what Rep. Fred Love will do next, but I think we can celebrate until Monday.

Deo Vindice!

Robert A. Edwards, Commander
Arkansas Division
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Emergency Dispatch from Division Commander Edwards


At the conclusion of the committee meeting yesterday; the committee Chairman Rep. Nate Bell announced that Rep. Fred Love had asked for a Special Order of Business to run his bill (HB 1119) that would eliminate Robert E. Lee’s birthday as a state holiday.

I know you are tired of this, well so are we. At least you did not have to attend all of the meetings where this was on the agenda, but never brought forward. Several of us have been to those meetings and came home to write emails, requesting your assistance.

If you are able, please come. Your Commander does not expect everyone to take off from work and come. We don’t expect that. But we do not think it asking too much to request each of you, every man in the Arkansas Division, to write, call, or send an email to the members of the committee asking them to vote NO to this bill. If you have email, this will not cost you a dime. You have the time. What about General Lee and what about the charge to the SCV by Gen. Stephen Dill Lee?

We need a large turn out, so again, if you are able please come. Right now, the meeting is scheduled to start at 9:00 a.m. in room 151. That could change. The one thing that we’ve learned over the past weeks is that nothing Rep. Bell says can be relied upon. He can change his mind and the committee schedule at will. Please come if you can.

Deo Vindice!

Robert A. Edwards, Commander
Arkansas Division
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Following are the email addresses of the committee members