Arkansas SCV

Putting the Arkansas Division on the same page!

Arkansas SCV - Putting the Arkansas Division on the same page!

A Heritage Victory on Capitol Hill Today

Congratulations to Thomas W. Bird – Commander of the Gen. Dandridge McRae Camp at Searcy, Arkansas. Tom also serves as Heritage Operations Officer for the Arkansas Division.

This morning House Bill 1229 (HB1229) was passed thru the House Committee on State Agencies and Governmental Affairs, on to the full House of Representatives. This bill is titled “Arkansas Military Heritage Protection Act” and will provide protection to all military monuments. Below is a link to the bill as written today.

This is the same bill that was passed by the Tennessee Legislature last year.
Hopefully we can get this approved before anymore parks, schools, or street are renamed. Please contact your local State Representative and ask them to support the passage of this bill before the House of Representative.

Thank you for your support, but this day belongs to Commander Bird.

Thanks Tom!

Robert A. Edwards, Commander
Arkansas Division
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Division Commander Announces Lt. Cmdr

Gentlemen of the Arkansas Division:

For those of you who may have not been informed, 1st Lieutenant Commander Gordon D. Hale, passed away on February 10, 2015. Without Commander Hale, there is no line of succession for the Arkansas Division Commander.

After due deliberation, much prayer and consideration, I have decided to leave the position of 1st Lieutenant Commander, Arkansas Division – as – Vacant! In Honor of Gordon and with respect to his family and memory, I have chosen not to fill behind
1st Lieutenant Commander, Gordon Dean Hale, at this time.

Instead, I have decided to appoint Northwest Brigade Commander, A. C. ‘Trip’ Wilson, III to the position of 2nd Lieutenant Commander, Arkansas Division. I would hope that each of you will welcome Commander Wilson; congratulate him, pray for him and give him your thank you for his willingness to serve our Division in this new role.

Please know these actions are in harmony with our Division Constitution.


Robert A. Edwards, Commander
Arkansas Division
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Heritage Alert!

I know this sounds like a broken record , but here we go again.
HB 1119 is BACK on the books for tomorrow
WEN. FEB. 25, 2015 at 10:00 am
Room 151
State Cap.

Chairman Tom Bird


As some of you may know, there is a House Bill up for committee (House Bill 1229) which would protect military monuments in Arkansas.  It is very important that we all contact the House Committee and veterans organizations (American LEgion, VFW, etc) and tell THEM to contact the House Committee – TELL THEM YES ON HB1229!!!

Do NOT post this to Facebook! Simply open the document below, read it, and contact your Representative and tell them YES on HB1229.  Then have a veteran do the SAME thing! It is that simple!

Below is the document and a list of the committee members again.



Chairman – Nate Bell 479-234-2092

Vice Chair – Richard Womack 870-403-6287

 Eddie Armstrong 501-444-8468

 Bob Ballinger 870-423-1035

 Camille Bennett 501-257-7993

 Jim Dotson 479-644-0740

 Charlotte Douglas 479-276-7777

Trevor Drown 479-857-2498

Lanny Fite 501-794-2228

Michelle Gray 870-368-4729

Prissy Hickerson 903-826-3119

Mike Holcomb 870-489-7177

 Jack Ladyman 870-340-7280

 Kelley Linck 870-404-2741

 Stephen Magie 501-327-4444

 Josh Miller 501-365-3599

 Chris Richey 870-995-2499

 Dwight Tosh 870-926-0423

 John Walker 501-614-9772

 Jeff Wardlaw 870-226-9501

Have you registered for the 2015 Reunion?

This is just a friendly reminder to get your registrations in to the Benton camp.  Go to and all the downloadable info you need is on the home page.  And don’t forget to contact your REPS and tell them to vote NO on HB1119! It hits committee on Wednesday, February 18 at 10 am in room 151 at the state capitol.